6 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups


When it comes to mobile app development, the very first thing that you need to do is come up with an idea. What features are you going to implement? How are you going to implement a payment model? That and a host of other things should be taken into consideration. However, let’s focus first on what features you want to include. If you want to know some tips that will help make it more successful, then read through the rest of the article to find out what they are.

1. Make It More Accessible

And by this, I do not mean that you make it free or something like that. What I mean is that whether it is an adult or a toddler who will use your app, it has to be easy for them to do so. Make it a simple one in the sense that the features are well-explained and that the interface is not convoluted.

2. Make It Offline-Friendly

I understand that internet connectivity seems to be commonplace nowadays and although that may be the case, it is still best that you offer an offline functionality. Take a look at Spotify as an example. When you’re connected to the internet, you can search its database for all the songs that you want to listen to. However, it also features an offline mode where you can still listen to songs, albeit only the ones that you’ve downloaded while you’re still connected. This offline feature is a welcome addition and if you include this one on your app, more people are going to love it.

3. Find Out What the People Like

Find out what the people actually like to use. You could do this by visiting the App stores and see what the top-ranked apps are. You can easily gain an idea of what application to create. However, keep in mind that
although you’re looking to see what’s “in”, you can still be creative in the way you implement your features.

4. Focus on Core Features Only

This is especially true if you’re the sole developer of the app. You see, although you can incorporate as many features as possible, you will need to do a lot of things to make that happen- something that one developer just cannot do on their own. That is why it is important that you focus on only 1-3 core functionalities and stick with it. Who knows, when it gains some popularity, you can hire your own development team to make it an even bigger, more robust app.

5. Limit the Number of Ads

There are plenty of ways you can earn money after developing the app. One way is to include some ads on it. However, even if this is acceptable, you have to limit the number of ads that are shown when a person uses your application. If you go way overboard on the ads, chances are that people will uninstall your application just a few minutes after installation.

6. Always Be on the Lookout for New Trends

App development is just like fashion in that there are going to be new trends implemented in the future.
It is vital that you always be on the lookout for new app development trends and to ensure that you incorporate some of the new advancements on your application.